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I sing a lot of the songs in the game, but I’m not allowed to learn how to play.

But it sounds like it would be fun!
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This will be a great opportunity for them! I’d like to know more about which game they want to play as it can help me design the game with my own hands.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled that Alberta’s ban on same-sex marriage discriminates against lesbian and bisexual couples and violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government of Alberta said in a press release that it will “defend this legislation against the attack against traditional family values, which includes the right of the State to protect its citizens.”

Justice Elan Khadr wrote in his judgment that same-sex couples married outside of these provinces are not allowed to exercise their marriage-based privileges under the law, and it is therefore unconstitutional for an act to ban this basic legal right. The government of Alberta will have 90 days to appeal the decision.

The ruling comes on the heels of a ruling by the British Columbia Court of Appeal that found the ban, which requires a marriage license to be issued to a same-sex couple, violates the rights of same-sex couples to equal protection under the law and has no justification in Canadian law.

“I have read with deep sorrow The Honorable Chief Justice Kerr’s decision which, it is my understanding, was reached in the context of an appeal involving the same issues as this appeal. I find it hard to believe that a Court of Appeal could not have concluded what is now firmly established in the Supreme Court of Canada and which is also the law of British Columbia — that the State must protect its citizens from the unlawful actions of those who do not accord any meaningful definition of marriage to their marriages,” Justice Khadr said in his judgment. “As well, Mr. Justice Khadr’s Honour clearly recognized that the State bears no burden for establishing the legitimacy of the marriages of same sex couples because it accepts, or recognizes, them as valid in law. In my view, the State in this case is not obliged to ‘prove’ its legitimacy, but simply must ‘permit’ same sex couples to get married and to marry in accordance with their own will.”

The ruling comes a day after Justice Robert French released an opinion in Federal Court that said same-sex couples may marry. As I reported on July 8, Justice French said Canadian law recognizes equal access to marriage for gay couples, and it

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