Can you learn to sing in 6 months?

I think I’ve been able to sing in 6 month when I was 20 years old, when I started out playing the piano. The first six months I was very bad – I have to say that in the beginning.

I think I learned it from my sister – she is a singer, she was a good singer; and her songs were a lot of fun so I started playing. I have also learned from others and they can’t have as many songs.

I’ve been very lucky – I’ve been lucky to be in a band and it’s really made me go out and discover music. It has helped me and also made other people who would never take the risk to do it like me want to do it.

I think now I want to do something more serious, but I am not very experienced yet – I’m not going to give it up right away – I want to try to learn to play more like my sister, but I am not very good.

How do you make your living?

I’m not very good at making money, so I make my living as a musician. It’s hard, because all musicians are professionals but I can make a living and I can help other musicians.

I don’t have a contract with anyone, I’m not making any money with my concerts. I’m making as much as I’m allowed to, just in a small way. As soon as I feel I need to eat, I eat, I don’t make any money. I’m very good at giving something back, if I see a lot of music and it gets my mind going I put my energy into it.

It is hard at the same time, because I don’t have a lot of money. But I like to support myself from my own salary, so I am very lucky.

Is this the happiest you’ve ever been?

If someone gives me something I like, and it doesn’t involve drugs or doing drugs, I will accept it, and if the person does, but with my kids I don’t want them to learn that they can have whatever they want, I want them to learn the hard way.

What is your reaction when you hear things like those that happened with the “Dope” singer Gary Glitter (the producer of the “Sugar” videos)?

It’s sad, for sure. I remember when Gary got all these awards and stuff and nobody cared about him and they didn’t even give