Can I learn to sing in a month?

If it takes two weeks to learn some lyrics, then you probably won’t learn them much sooner. For most of us, time is money, so the longer you go on something, the more often you’ll need to practice it.

But even if you don’t try, maybe you can learn enough on your own. You can read songs to yourself and use them to study. That is, unless you’re a guitar or piano player. If so, the songs are not songs, they’re just ideas, and you must pay close attention to them.

In fact, it’s almost impossible for anyone who doesn’t know the songs to sing the songs properly. If you learn the songs well enough to even sing them correctly, then you’re ready to learn a couple of the guitar songs. Try it out on some other songs.

Do you think music lessons will be a more realistic means of learning songs over a piano or violin? How do you view songwriting classes in general?

I prefer it if people can just listen to the songs, and they can learn to sing along with them; they can’t force themselves to sing along with a song unless they know the song. For example, most classical music is performed on a piano. Some soloists can do it but most cannot.

If you can’t sing along with the soloist, can you just look at the chords on the piano instead? The piano has a different set of chords for each part, so it’s more like that. Also, there’s a lot more freedom on a piano than on a violin or guitar.

If you want to learn to sing, you have to take the time you need to learn it; then you can start working on other subjects in school, like math or history.
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