Can I learn singing at 30? – Help With Singing

Well, at first you may need to spend several years training before you start singing, but after that it may be possible to learn to sing by simply listening to professional music. If all you want to do is sing, your first step might be listening to a few CDs.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

All you really have to learn to do is learn a couple of chords or words in a foreign language, such as French, English or German. However, not every language is suitable – especially when you’re trying to learn a new language and/or language that is not easy to follow. If you’re trying to learn a language that you’re not familiar with, please do your homework first.

Can I learn a foreign language from YouTube or a video book?

YouTube and the video book are great mediums for learning spoken English for many people, but they are not suitable for learning to speak a new language. As in, most of the English spoken in the UK is produced in other countries, and that’s the language we know the best. Some of the best known language videos are taught through online language learning tools such as YouTube and video reading courses, like the language Learning Method.

You do however have the option of learning a foreign language at home, though it may still be better to be at least familiar with another language, such as German.
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What if I find my favourite language isn’t suitable for me?

There’s no need to worry if you’re not native to the foreign language, because it’s more likely you are more likely to have a ‘language learning disability’.

Can I learn from other languages?

Absolutely, though you may have to start small. Once you’re confident with a foreign language you can try and translate as much as possible, but the more you translate, the more difficult it can be to understand the other language. You will also need to have a clear idea of the way you speak – for example, do some reading in a foreign language, go to a cafe that serves food in the local language, talk to other local people, even listen to the same radio programme as you talk to them (if it’s in another foreign language – for example, in French).

How do I prepare myself for learning a foreign language?

Take advantage of this website and sign up to one of my language learning courses. I don’t just offer courses, though, I am also constantly on the road teaching

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