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This is a debate as fierce as it is rich, with two sides, in the most respected and influential musical genre. One school considers the position of a tenor tenor to be the equivalent of a man’s female counterpart. The other believes tenors are the closest relative to a classical singer or musician. The only difference is that the male tenor can perform in a baritone mode while the female can sing in a raised voice. As a result, some critics claim the two are two different things.

The debate has a beginning-and-end, meaning its origins and origins are different.

Before I get to the debate, lets look at what the position of a tenor is. For the purposes of this article, the tenor is considered to be a tenor because he has a high, powerful voice. That voice is then split amongst the tenors in a type of double bass which are referred to as baritones. Because a baritone is in addition a singer, the baritone tenor is known as the tenor singer.

The Tenor Family Tree:

This is where things get interesting when you get down to it. There a number of ways that a tenor is defined within the tenor family. It could easily be considered that in the Tenor family of instruments, tenor is the only type that is split into two categories. Of the other types, there is a baritone and a baritone singer, whereas the tenor singer is the only one known as a tenor. If you look at the above diagram, you’ll notice that the baritone singer is an alto and the tenor singer (baritone) is an alto bass. However, because of the manner in which the tenor family is divided, it doesn’t necessarily follow that tenor is the only type within the Tenor family.

The following chart illustrates some of the important differences within the tenor family. The baritone singer is represented as a double bass whereas the tenor singer is made up of a baritone-flute and a baritone-flute – which in actuality is a combination of them since their sounds have the same pitch.

Here are some samples of different tenor voices in the Tenor family.

There are three types of tenor voices-low, raised, and raised-high. There’s even a type of high-high tenor voice.

Here’s a sample of a baritone ten

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