Can a person learn to sing? – How To Articulate When Singing

You have to practice. You have to practice so you can sing well to begin with, and you have to rehearse so you can practice what you’ll need to do and how you’d do it.

“So it’s really important to work on your technique and technique over the next couple of months, but also getting to those top performances of the year at that level.”

She also revealed that the new album will feature a few tracks that she didn’t end up playing on her previous album and could’ve been used for the live show rather than her studio time.

“With the live show, I’m really focused on performing the songs that are in the album. These are the songs that I think are going to connect with the people, or with the audience, or with myself.”

‘Dancing On My Own’

In addition to the new singer’s solo debut, the singer revealed that she’s set to release new song ‘Dancing On My Own’ on June 8.
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“I do have about 40 or 45 songs I’ve written that I’ll be releasing later on.”

“All of the new songs are songs I’ve never had the chance to sing on stage, so it’s very interesting, I guess.”

Dance On Your Own is the first single off the forthcoming album, while ‘Hold Me’ is the follow-up single to ‘I’m Not in Any Shape or Form Anymore’.

Are you excited to hear the new songs? Comment below.

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