Which app is best for pic editing?


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I use Chrome

How do I set the correct audio speed?

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You can adjust the speed of the video using Play video and watch the video in other apps. If you’re viewing content on the web, you should start the video with this button until it starts playing again

If you want to watch with a different speed in Firefox, then use the F12 command: on the YouTube Video page, use the F12 command to toggle video playback. In Chrome, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the Gear icon to open the Tools app and play with the Play video and watch the video options. Then select “Mute” for the second video (in the Chrome Play video option) and “Auto-stop” for the first video (for the Firefox Play video option), to make sure they play at the same time for web viewers.

I’ve tried using the options found in the YouTube app, in Chrome, on both sites, and in Firefox. I need it to work right now.

We don’t always get the latest version of the Firefox Firefox Web plugin in the Play Store, so if you’d like to use the Firefox Play video and watch video options, you need to use a different method.

What’s the difference between the Chrome and Firefox versions of YouTube app?

The YouTube app in Chrome has the same YouTube videos and audio playback controls (with the same options), but the browser extension has a button that changes the settings to “Play video and choose default audio” on the same page as the Play video. This opens the settings as a dedicated page you can click to change the audio settings, or open the Chrome extension. The extensions in Firefox have a button with a different name, but the audio playback controls remain the same.

Why won’t the extension work for me?

All videos are available as MP4 files, but it is the video or the audio that are used with the YouTube app.

A YouTube video or a movie you’ve downloaded has a .MOV extension. These are video files that are compressed (using the MP4 codec) and don’t have a standard video player (like “WebM” or the YouTube Movie Player). The Chrome extension only works for video and audio.

When I watch videos in the browser, is the video playing properly?

If it’s playing, the video is displayed