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Welcome to the first installment of “Cute, Boring” Week! Today we’re taking a look at the two biggest, easiest, and most-desired aspects of a child’s early life: sleep and eating. And in the process, we may learn a little something about what it takes to get a baby to sleep and what it takes to get a child to eat and feel good about eating.

If we can sleep, we’ll sleep!

A lot seems to get lost about infant nutrition. We hear all the time about what a child is starving to death because of lack of nutrition, when in fact it’s not that. What we do not hear as frequently is that infant health is related to a child’s sleep. If infants don’t sleep, they are not learning and thriving. This is why sleep- and hunger-related issues are often addressed by early interventions — like feeding, soothing, and clothing. It’s just as important for infants and young children to sleep as it is for older children.
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Sleeping is a critical component of development, one that requires our attention and that we often overlook. As children grow older, sleep becomes the primary focus within their environments. With the advent of electronic media and the ease of communication, a parent would be shocked to learn how well sleep problems are addressed. Not only is sleeping a good indication of what kinds of problems our babies might face in adulthood, but it can also be a predictor of the kinds of conditions that will cause problems for our children in later life.

We’re not born with sleep problems!

It’s common to hear stories of sleep-related issues that are associated with developmental milestones. We see babies and young children who sleep in their car seats or in their car seats when they have their car seats removed. We see toddlers who get up in the middle of the night and sleep on the floor of the car. Children with sleep problems can also be diagnosed with developmental delays, such autism, Down syndrome, or intellectual disabilities.

But why are