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The best place to start learning about photo editing is with Photoshop’s tutorials. Photoshop uses two “tiers,” or different ways to approach editing photos. The beginner tier is all about painting with a brush.

The intermediate tier is also about painting with a brush, but it’s a different brush. This is where you’ll learn about layers and other editing techniques, and where you’ll get to learn about Photoshop’s advanced controls.

A lot of us here at Team17 have been around the block a few times. We are a team of dedicated players who are excited to play the games we love. So when it really got down that we weren’t getting paid from the game we love, we took matters into our own hands and created a team. Now, we are ready to help make the upcoming games a lot brighter for the people who play them and we are going to bring new life to these games.

So, you might be asking yourself… well what should I be paying for? It’s a question we are all asking. Some people have suggested we should take a cut from the purchase price, while others, like myself, have suggested we should put a “pay what you want” box in all of the games we offer. We also hear all sorts of advice, like “don’t sell the game”, “do the math”, and even “sell it early”. However, what we also hear all the time from the teams we are working with at Team17 is that, “what do you pay for the games you play?” “What will it cost once the games are out?”

Since Team17 already have an amazing reputation as a company, we knew it would be a big no-brainer to give away the entirety of our games (including our current game F2P) for free, for the next three years.

We want Team17 to help grow, so in order to do that, we have decided to allow people as a part of the community to vote in our next game, “World of Goo”. This way, you as a player can voice your opinion on what kind of game you would like to see Team17 create. Voting takes place after every new game the company puts out. So how does it work?

When you create a comment you get a vote in as well. The results of your vote will be discussed with both you and the developer of the game, who will use it to determine what kind of game to make next. The more votes you give

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