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B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark is warning the Conservatives and NDP to “stick to the issue” as she prepares to announce her cabinet in a live TV address next month.

The first NDP leader in years to launch a provincewide political campaign, Clark said she’s going to put her full support behind her fellow MLAs and will bring forward major legislation in 2013, including Bill 20.

It would create a $6-billion fund to spend on the new pension plans for B.C. teachers. It would also create a special education teacher’s pension, and allow the province to pay down B.C.’s interest rate on debt.

She also promised to set up an independent panel to look at the needs of families living in rural and remote areas, including the Lower Mainland.

“In 2013 I will be unveiling some of the most important policies and commitments that we can bring forward to take this province forward when our kids are grown, our roads are repaved and we have got a $6 billion fund to help our kids in rural and remote areas,” she said. at WI. Custom Login
In her speech, Clark promised that after 2013, the province will be able to deliver a budget balanced budget.

“So what are the big issues? Well, I have not yet been able to figure out what the next two years will hold for B.C.” Clark said.

“But I look forward to laying out some of the details of a plan that I will be unveiling in my home riding of Surrey North. It is my promise we will be able to build on the wealth this province has generated to make life better for the middle class, and a better future for our people.”

Liberal MLA Derek Fildebrandt said Thursday he’s open to Clark’s agenda.

“It’s not a major issue so I think there’s no real issues there … The economy and taxes are always linked in Christy. So I think it’s important for her to announce more initiatives that will help the middle class.”

Fildebrandt, a retired RCMP officer, is a member of the executive committee of the Liberal party that ran an independent candidate for the B.C. election, which Clark narrowly won.

On Thursday, Finance Minister Mike de Jong said the B.C. economy is now growing at a healthy 2.5 per cent and the government’s job and growth targets for this year are supported by the data.

The B.C. Liberals want to

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