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I use Photomatix

A photo editing app for iPhone isn’t the same as a photo editor. Most photo editing apps are designed for photo editing purposes. There are a few other photo editor apps out there, however they aren’t as good and aren’t really for taking photos.

I’m going to use Photomatix because it’s the most popular photo editing app on the Apple app store. It won’t be a huge stretch to explain that we have some pretty big reasons why a photo editor is superior to an app that only does photo editing.

The first big advantage I’d say is that it doesn’t have a free version which is more of a selling point and it doesn’t require you to sign in to iCloud or anything. If it can’t get its app into the Store just because it’s free, then you’ve got an unfair advantage.

While there are some photographers out there who will pay for the iOS app to gain the advantage by signing into iCloud, it’s not something I would do. I prefer to do my photo edits offsite so I can store them as they come from my Mac or PC.

Secondly, the app is really smart in that you can export to most different image file formats. The image editing apps just export the raw file, something that Photoshop is good for but does not do well with RAW files.

Finally — once you get comfortable with Photomatix and know the layout of the app, the camera roll is absolutely spot on.

It actually works a lot better than Photoshop, and is so intuitive that you never know what you’re editing. This is especially useful because you don’t need to worry about what program you’re using just because you’re taking photos. You know it’s your app. All it needs is a few adjustments and you’re off to the races.

The app is not perfect, and a bit clunky in some places, but that is to be expected when taking photos off site. You should be able to do everything in the app on your iPhone which is why it’s one of the best photo editors out there.

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