What should I charge for editing?

The editing fee includes a one-time charge for each document printed (approximately $.30-$.50 per inch). The fee also includes the cost of postage (1-2 mailing, USPS $5-$10).

Why do you offer editing services?

My intention before launching this service was to provide access to the largest number of people possible. Over the past 3 years, I’ve added several more writers, and we now have over 10,000 pages of material on our site. We’re continually discovering more and more great new stories. So, we need a service that will provide us with as many access points as possible. We also have a great audience of writers (and nonwriters) out there who want to read the best stories they can, and the more people we have on our site, the more stories we can reach. We want to help people understand stories like the ones in the story that got our start back in 2007 on Medium, and I believe editing offers that.

What if you don’t have a great story on your own site and don’t need to?

I’ll be happy to help you find the most amazing stories you can!

Why does this service also include formatting help with some of the content on the site?

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We feel this is very important to the success of the site. It’s a significant asset. We’ll provide formatting help on some of the stories, and we will do them as part of our free writing class. (You can sign up for a writing class by choosing the free option at the top of the page. This class is no payment; it’s purely self-directed, and we provide the services in our free time as it helps us improve our craft. Once again, we will be happy to help you with your formatting and any other other formatting questions you may have.)

What about the content that is provided as the price?

It doesn’t include the original work. We don’t want anyone selling you an edited version. We want everyone getting a lot of quality content that can’t easily be altered. However, all of our stories are available to read for free. It’s not something we are paid for. We just want you to read and enjoy them for yourself, and learn from them.

What about when some of the content that is provided is original, or the writing style is different?

All of the writing is created by volunteers, and we welcome criticism, suggestions, or corrections.