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Editors charge by the paragraph, and not by the minute. The best way to manage your edit time is to know which words to cut and which words to insert. Here are some ideas to help you do that:

Cut the sentences in some of the larger passages to remove unnecessary words (such as “honestly,” “wanted,” or “good.” These words are often considered irrelevant here, since they’re not needed for understanding).

Cut the small sentence fragments and sentences that might require a new sentence or two. These sentences may be the most important words in a passage, so you may need to do them twice; you can cut a few lines to get them all out, or you can try a more detailed edit. You should be able to use more, not less, of these sentences if you remove all unnecessary words, but this isn’t always possible; you’ll know when it is when the sentence becomes longer than it needs to be and you feel compelled to keep it shorter.

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Cut sentences that don’t need to be written. These are sentences like “I thought that that person was going to die.” They are not really needed to understand the passage, so you’ll sometimes be tempted to cut them, unless they are the most important sentence in the entire passage. When this happens, it’s sometimes worth doing a new sentence and asking yourself: Is this sentence helpful in understanding what the passage is trying to say but it doesn’t really work? Is this sentence necessary to understand the passage.

Cut sentences where you don’t need to explain something. These would mostly be words like “wanted,” “bought,” or “good.” You don’t actually need to explain them when you don’t need to explain them; they don’t really need explanation. In fact, most of these sentences are often helpful to people in understanding what the passage refers to, when they don’t need to explain what the passage specifically says, but it can be useful for those of us who don’t have to explain things, to understand the passage in a way that they won’t be bothered by. Some editors cut these sentences for the same reasons that they cut sentences that are helpful.

For very short passages or passages that are in short-fiction (like fiction books), the point is that you should know precisely how to edit the paragraph and not leave yourself open to being out of sync with other editors.

If you’re editing a longer passage and you’re worried that you may be out of

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