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You guessed it… photo editing.

It’s the reason I’ve been working on Photokina this year. I got the idea after watching a friend’s recent trip to Kiev, where the government had taken photos of her and posted them online. The photo that started it all was uploaded to Flickr and quickly started making its way around the internet, as Ukrainian authorities try to make their country look less corrupt. She asked me if anyone would think of doing this for her. My first thought was: “I don’t know, maybe someone else’s work can do it better?” This seemed like a ridiculous question, but after a few e-mails with people I trusted, I was told about a new organization called Photokina that was working on the problem.

So what does the Photokina program do?

They send the original image, along with an edited version. This edits are completely independent of the original. It looks amazing right now, but I don’t know how it will fare long term. Their software only works with a small selection of cameras. (Camera and video not included.)

What will a software engineer do?

Pushing the raw image around a bit more. They use a ton of different techniques to “correct” images to make them match the original. “Adjustment” can just mean to turn off the lights or dim the lights, and “brightness” is more precise and refers to adjusting the brightness of the image.

Pushing the video to the highest quality it can, or to the highest bitrate possible. If you look on the Wikipedia page for “High Definition video,” you’ll see that every bit of hardware that was designed for HD will be used, even when it can handle HD. It’s all to make the video look the best it can.

Pushing the photo. It also has to match the original camera’s photos, but with the most detail possible. In this case, it must be at maximum resolution and with an aspect ratio that makes sense.

Pushing the edit to the highest quality possible. The last part is a bit tricky, as it depends on the camera. It can be done on high end cameras or low end cameras. I’ve been told by a photographer, who works for Google, that they push the image about 5 frames per second.

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There were at least 6 camera setups in Kiev. Which one was the one I used?

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