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The purpose of editing photography is to increase fidelity in the camera’s output. If a photo could not be easily and accurately transformed to a digital image (i.e. the camera’s output cannot be converted quickly), then it is less desirable for you to look at it with those eyes. That’s why many of us love to learn new things about photography. And a lot of people who write software that helps us capture our images think of photography as kind of a “caveat emptor” kind of art piece, which means it’s something that is useful for a limited time only, so we have to learn and master it, or else we should let go of the camera, give it back to the camera shop and say hello to that new camera, and be done with it. And as we have shown, this thinking is usually a self-fulfilling prophecy; we think it’s helpful to practice more.

Is this a generalization?

I know that there is that feeling that when you are learning some technical subject, you want to see the results of your efforts, not just as a few examples on a screen. That leads to the “let’s take a break, let’s go out for fun on the weekend” school of thought, but that is not a reason to stop learning photography, but to get more of it. That is, to get a little bit more experience, to get used to the technique. That’s good if you want more photos from your next shoot. But to be useful and interesting at the same time should be a goal, the ability to use all the tools you have to capture and share some of the beautiful things you have seen in the world around you.

What is the ultimate goal you have?

To take pictures with your eyes. That is, to see the world from the perspective of seeing things in the most direct way possible. This isn’t “just” about learning to take photos. The goal is to see the world through a different lens than the one you normally get through the lens of the camera. That lens changes how you see this world around you. It gives you a deeper understanding. Seeing differently in different circumstances gives you a broader palette. That gives you more of a human story to bring to bear on your work. If we can get rid of the lens by which we see the world, we can broaden our human story.

How did you get your career start?

I was working as a technical writer at

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