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Here’s an example, which was published in 2007:

I’ve been working in the business for a while now and am in charge of the editorial side of the operations at a couple of different magazines. I’ve been hired to do all the editing of a couple of big sites in order to help them grow…I’m also helping them pay editors and designers, and we’re also trying to get paid through our website.

What was the average freelance rate for this project? This was what a company might pay for a single entry:


How long was that freelance assignment (week)? The job lasted about 3 months. The typical freelancer is not paid a lot for a regular job. I thought it was worth repeating to the readers. (I did not make a salary for our piece, so we are not included in your income calculations.)

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So did the freelance company pay you? No. This seems unfair to us and so we are suing the company. You should check out our lawsuit case here.

What about tips? We’re not trying to start a trend here; we just want to tell the readers, and also you, that a well-paid, professionally edited article isn’t always the prettiest piece. Do what you think you can do best. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll have to do what you want. That said, take advantage of the free tips. For example, the site I worked for had paid me an advance, for an article which I didn’t write.

What were you paid? Nothing. Just an advance of the initial amount.

Why did you get paid so much for an article that you didn’t write? You know, a lot of articles get paid in advance. The writer is not required to write the article or even to have an idea of what her piece will be about. It’s about “discovering the story and sharing the experience with our readers”. Why should writers make money for writing articles about topics that they lack expertise in?

For example, this particular article was about how to keep your car in good condition.

You should also be aware that the freelancers I’ve worked for had pay cheques on file at the time. This is how most websites operate. If a writer has a cheque on file, it’s usually because the project has run long. You could claim a lot of money in that situation. This article was about how to keep

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