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We cover the basics of freelancing editing, but there are a few other essential services that editors require to make the job work properly. We include a complete listing of pricing and pricing breakdowns from our current clients so you can get the lowest possible price and have the best freelance editing service.

What if I’ve already invested in freelance editing services?

We get that sometimes freelancers get a little overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be completed when they have a client lined up. Here are some tips to help you work through all of the tasks you need done.

If you want to hire freelance editors for editing on your website, we can recommend you a couple of editors to help you get the most out of your editing services. We also have a team of freelancers who love editing and would benefit from a good editing service.

If you’re an author or have a large book to edit, you can find out about additional editing services we offer.

If you’re looking to edit text content on your website, you can see our current content editing services and pricing so you can get an idea what you’ll need to pay.
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If you have a freelance freelance editorial project that isn’t listed above, feel free to fill in any details to help us determine our rates and pricing. You can also contact us on our contact page to be added to the list.

Is there such thing as a “bad” freelance editing service?

Yes. We are happy to work with anyone who has worked well with another company. However, we strongly advise against using freelancers simply for a quick buck. Be realistic, be thorough and do your homework before you hire anyone.

What is the ideal quality of editing I need in my freelance editing services?

It’s important to understand that freelance editing is not the same as a traditional, traditional book editing job.

We’ll let you in on a few things about what we consider to be the ideal quality of editing:

There is no “right” editing quality for every work item on your website. The best editors will be those who can make the tasks you assign them as simple and convenient as possible. The editors who make the editing process easier have an advantage over the inexperienced editor.

There are several different levels of edits that we need to ensure that the clients’ content meets the minimum quality expectations. You need to be very specific and explain exactly how the task will be performed to ensure a clean, readable

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