What is the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Mobile

Photoshop is very similar to Lightroom. Both are similar in that you create photos in Photoshop. Both have a variety of filters to create your desired effects. Both have multiple layers to organize your photos with one click and have options to export everything with one click – this gives you great flexibility. It is a professional, easy to use, professional photo editing tool.


There are two ways to use Lightroom: you can use it as a stand alone option. This will give you good results, but you will lose all your settings unless you have been using Photoshop. Or you can use it as your default. This works well for me to keep my settings if I am not in need of a new photo. It is simple, easy to use and if you use it, you will never have to worry about it again!

It is also a great program to use if you love photographs and you are looking for a good replacement in Lightroom. It can also be a great option with other software such as Photoscope, Photoshop, etc. I usually use Lightroom as my default.

Lightroom can be used as a stand alone replacement in Photoshop, but it offers very limited functionality for the novice user. It comes out of the box with the Lightroom RAW filter installed but it is extremely difficult to use. The RAW conversion tools are lacking, and even after working with other software and learning Lightroom RAW, some of the settings are still lost. I am going to give some tips to use the RAW tools to get the most out of Lightroom Raw and other options to use in Photoshop if you are not comfortable with Lightroom RAW.

Lightroom RAW

The RAW conversion tools in Lightroom are incredibly helpful in converting photos into RAW with no fuss. If you have tried Lightroom before and thought it to be “just like Photoshop”, you need to give it a try. You will find that your photos that you have created in Camera RAW will be easier to use in Lightroom with no trouble. The image on the right shows some common conversion errors when using Lightroom RAW, and the correct image is easy to get when converting from Camera RAW to Lightroom in Photoshop.

Most errors, like the ones shown in the above image, simply require using the RAW tools to correct them (you will do the same with any other conversion tool). Other errors, such as making a mistake that looks similar to how it should have been, can be fixed by changing the image

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