What is the difference between line editing and copyediting? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Vs Photoshop Express

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What is the difference between the default font of the editor (which includes all your fonts) and the one you can use in a standard editor?

Why does the word “file” not have a separate title? Do you have such an option in other versions like “Editor”? And where did this word come from, that should not go without saying?

Why is the keyboard only connected to the mouse when moving the mouse? Are there different mice, for instance with an extra button? And why does the keyboard only need to be connected to one side?

Why is this menu button labelled “Options”? It’s just a “-” button. What a joke!

Why are there special menus for editing or copying/pasting images or documents? Can you imagine what this would mean – “this is in the options menu”. Is it because I don’t want to “copy/paste”? And are I supposed to “copy/paste” the image or the text? (i.e. if I copy the text, do I also remove the “Copy” or “Paste” buttons?)

What does the menu button in the “Edit” dropdown do? If I click it, does the text in the “Add” box vanish? If so what? And why do I get a pop up window explaining the context in which the button was clicked?

Who is responsible for setting up the document? Are you responsible for that, or is there another one in charge?

What is the purpose of the “Add New Entry” button, which should be left to the browser? Why is someone in charge who has to choose which image or text to insert into the dropdown?

Why do you always put on the “Next” and “Previous” buttons at the bottom, right under the “Help” button? Why, if I hit the “Escape” key once, does it leave me in a blank screen? Why should you be “pressing” on the “Escape” button? Why do you put on “Close” and “Delete” buttons too, why not the “Add” button? Why is this right under my eyes, looking at something I have no control over? What are you looking at?

Why should I “copy/paste” into a textarea. Where is the place I can put any text or images? What does “textarea” mean? Why do you add “textarea” to the name of a

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