What is the best photo editing app?

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I was a lurker and asked around for people to vote for their favorite photo editing app (the winner will be announced next week). My picks now are pretty much sorted, so let’s get to it! Please vote for only one app, since there are so many amazing and good apps out there for many different platforms. Please also upvote only apps that you personally like!

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Gimp online - image editor and paint tool

Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe their national debt is a “big enough problem,” and another 29 percent see it as a “very important” problem, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

“Americans still believe their nation’s debt is a big enough problem. A record-high 71% of those polled feel that they are personally affected by the current national debt,” Gallup reported.

As CNN reports, Americans are also more likely to have a family member or friend who is affected by the national debt than their own children.

Seventy-one percent of Americans feel that their debt has not been dealt with adequately. It’s more common to feel that their debt has been taken care of. Only 19% of Americans believe their current debts have been “completely” or “most” handled, while 36% feel that the current debts “are being managed appropriately.”

Gallup said that there is greater confidence in the economic recovery than the debt.

On the other side of the coin, the belief that the public is receiving a fair rate of recovery is “declining.” A majority of Americans believe they are getting a “fair or poor” return on their investments since the financial crisis, with 63% saying they’ve made “little or no” or “little to no” gains from capital gains and dividends.

“The recession’s immediate and long-term economic effect on U.S. jobs and the economy has been significantly smaller than many in the recovery were fearing,” Gallup said.

“It may seem unfair or unjust to Americans who don’t believe that their nation’s debt is a big enough problem. But some Americans and their families may find it difficult to fully understand what’s happened to their nation if they still believe that their taxes haven’t gone