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The editing of the original documents is a purpose of Wikipedia: The purpose of editing to provide accurate information is to provide accurate information to the reader or viewer, a person who has access to and access to the information as it is needed to make an informed decision. Thus the Wikipedia editors are working to ensure that information that users provide is accurate, reliable and comprehensible. A Wiki is a community-based website used to organize and make available information. AWiki is a community-based site used to organize and make available information.

Do Wikipedia articles or users have to contain the latest version of the version of the information?

No. It makes sense to keep all information current in our website. There are no guidelines about what content to include.

What about the use of third-parties, e-mail, chat or other software?

The editors rely on technical assistance from the Internet for managing and reviewing information and editing. If any technology is not available to the editors, the same applies to the content of the article. However, the editors maintain that they have full control and accountability of their editing. As long as users are doing their article on their account then there are no third-party or other sources that the editors are asking the users to use. Furthermore, there is no obligation to check the validity of other users’ edits.

Do users need to provide the source of information to edit articles?

Some users have asked the editors to consider that others might be able to provide the information necessary to edit the article. There is no requirement that the source be mentioned in the title of the article. The article in question might have a title similar to the article title, and could also be called “Why I’m on Wikipedia” or “Why I’m not on Wikipedia” (e.g.: Why I’m on Wikipedia:WhyI’ton). If such an article is called or named “Why I’m on Wikipedia”, users might be asked to provide the exact title of the article. Likewise, if an article is named “How to change one’s Wikipedia username” (e.g. How to rename my Wikipedia username), a user might be asked to provide the exact title of the article.

Do editors ever block users?


How are users protected against editing on Wikipedia?

The editors of Wikipedia provide the same protection against editing as users of most other websites and applications. In general terms, anyone can access information, make changes and delete articles.

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