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Ethics photography can be defined as being ethical in the photography field. To be ethical, a photographer should observe every rule of good photography practice. This includes:

The photographer should not use unethical photography methods, such as harsh black and white, or with extreme lighting.

The photographer should also avoid using inappropriate or unflattering photographic equipment.

The photographs should not be altered in any way with editing software or Photoshop, and there should be a separate email confirmation with a copy of the photo.

The photos should be clearly labeled for ease of identification, and a note should be included giving some insight into the photographer’s motivations.

The photographer should have appropriate training in photography.

Examples of ethical photography in my photography

The image below is an image of a woman sitting in a tree, as she makes her way through the forests and woods of New Zealand. This photograph was taken with an Olympus 300mm lens and a 24-70mm f/1.8 lens set to the standard setting (f/22). This photograph has been labeled as “Ethical”.

On this photograph, there is nothing unethical about the use of a flash and a manual focus lens in this scene. The photographer is taking a “selfie” with her family after they arrived. She was going to be in front of the camera to capture a moment on the spot, but decided to stay and take a photo. However, we have since discovered that she may have not felt she needed to stay as her husband left to pick up their kids before the family, at some point, would have arrived on the property. Also, we have noted that her family seems to be quite happy with the photograph, and had not felt the need to tell us in advance that she was going to be taking some kind of photo – which would probably have been an entirely different situation.

However, this woman may have been photographing an event where she should not have been, yet she was.

There are also photographs that use a lens that is too wide, making it difficult for the viewer to see the whole image, but they are not ethically considered for use.
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Ethical photography tips for photographers

To be ethical, a photographer should monitor the use of the latest image processing apps and tools, when deciding to use them on their camera equipment. The camera and lens are just tools of the artist and the viewer – they are not designed to be perfect.

Some photographers have found that they

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