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I was told that it is to create images of your images with various effects, tools for editing and many more. And they said that they’ll also be sending me the software so I can test out the software on my image and compare them to the software in my computer and find out that they do not work in my computer. I am shocked that I am not being paid.

My client asked me to send them the same program they give other clients to test the software. I refused to do so because I didn’t want to create a mistake or risk my client having a bad feeling towards me. It was a bit confusing for them. All they wanted to do was send me a file that they wrote for the other client. When they asked me for the client’s name and password they gave me the wrong name and password because they were using my client’s account. They said, “you might want to change these.” At this point I was very frustrated and upset with them. They didn’t even respond to my request for comment so I didn’t think much.

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I then started to research further and was told that they did not really want to sell their software. They said that they wanted to buy the software and get them to build products for them.

After much investigation I received a reply from them: I don’t think that any of the services you are looking for are available. We may have a small number of other clients that do this kind of service but we also have quite a few software engineers working on this kind of software, just like any other tech company. We can also work for you if you don’t want to go through that effort and risk your reputation. So go ahead and contact your local software company that would be able to help you with your application. Here’s how they replied:

From what I can see their service is not available in India. And there is no way to contact and hire a tech in India. They said the reason was that they were in the middle of building products for them. So I guess that is their right as they are the ones to create these products but we can help if we know what to do. But I think they should be more aware of internet issues and avoid this kind of issue.

Now my question is this, how do you do a search on our website? Does our website have our information listed?

How it works?

In simple terms it is a very simple web-based search that lets you access the search

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