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One that I do not understand. It does not allow you to view/change any type of image (like color, size, composition, etc.), but it does let you upload/save a set of images (as well as delete old ones, and copy or cut new ones). All edits will need to be done on the originals (by you), so I suggest you take a look at their documentation for a good guide. Once you’ve been through this tutorial, you’re ready to make your own.

Open Photo Editor

From the File menu, choose Menu->Options .

On the menu below, choose Save . Then, in the main window, select Browse .

From the Browse directory… dialog box, select the folder in which your images are stored.

On the Browse dialog box that appears, type a name, an extension, and then check Save image to disk .

You can now go to Save and then select your desired image. To make the change permanent, you can go back to Save and choose Save in the menu on top.

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You can now close the Preview pane from Edit mode to save your edits.

Now we are ready to open our own editable files. Go back to the File menu and choose Image… in the lower right corner.

Here you will be asked to select or enter an image. You can either choose a picture you want to edit, by pressing Enter or you can use any photo or any name you want for your new image.

Next, we need to do a few steps to get our new image to the screen. At this point, you’ll see the image will appear as a small window which you can move around, but if you want to save the image, drag it to a location, then hit Enter . In the image edit window (shown in red above), click the “View” button. Then you’ll see a bunch of options for changing the color, adding a mask, drawing some shapes or text, changing the dimensions, adding text, and even changing the aspect ratio.

There are also presets to choose from for all of these things. You can preview your new image in your new editing window and then select where you want it on the screen. You can even change the name for this new image and save it for reference by clicking on it in the preview window.

At this point, we are ready to start our own edits. In the main window, click the Edit Image button

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