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By The Editorial Board • January 3, 2015

This week, the Republican Party’s House of Delegates will be choosing their new majority leader and presumptive presidential nominee. Our team of editors, reporters and writers will be in the ballroom debating a variety of issues and sharing our thoughts on the candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, opinions and platforms, and the Republican leadership decision to not endorse or run against a candidate who has made no bones about his or her disdain for the party’s values, including the GOP’s pledge to nominate those who do not share our basic principles.

The GOP’s new majority leader and presumptive nominee is Chris Christie of New Jersey, who has made no bones about his contempt for the party’s principles, as well as his disdain of its nominees. Since he’s one of the very few GOP candidates who has openly and unashamedly declared they will not support or support for office any candidate who has failed to support the GOP’s principles, and who has also vowed to “do whatever I can” to prevent the party from nominating those who don’t share our values, it’s hard to believe he hasn’t already decided on a number of conservative stances that he would be willing to support.

For one thing, it’s well beyond time for Republican voters in New Jersey to begin considering a new Republican standard bearer who will clearly reject the party’s principles and who is also willing to publicly state these policies and his intention to do whatever he can to make sure that these values don’t come back and haunt this nation for a generation or more. That is not to say that the Republican leadership is obligated to endorse someone just because he has previously said he opposes their views. The new speaker of the New York House of Representatives did just that after he became speaker, and now, while Christie holds a seat that the GOP’s House of Representatives doesn’t have the votes to elect him, we believe many House members will consider voting for him this term as a way to show their disapproval of this new speaker, as well as of his new position.

Christie has also already publicly stated his intent to veto the GOP’s presidential candidates’ names for vice president, as well as a number of amendments to the U.S. Constitution that have been brought forward by a number of Republicans, and we’ll be discussing those and other policies of his that could be detrimental to the GOP

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