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LAS VEGAS — In a game that should have been pretty close, the Boston Celtics fell apart, but couldn’t have played down to their competitors.
Alumni US | The University of Texas at Arlington (2006)

After losing to the Phoenix Suns 95-91 on Friday night, it seemed like the Celtics were on their way to another easy win. But just before the final buzzer rang for the Suns, Boston was dealt another bad loss, this one by a point guard.

The Suns were down by 16 and Boston had been in the same situation every time they took an easy road win over Phoenix. It’s almost certain that Boston’s point guard, Rajon Rondo, will be out of the lineup against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday in Game 5 of this series, although he could remain with the team into Monday’s Game 6 in Oklahoma City.

In his annual State of the State address later this week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will tout his efforts to build support for his campaign and the Democratic party. In fact, some are speculating as to how his speech — which includes two stops on Tuesday in Washington, DC — will be received in the country’s capital.

With Hillary Clinton leading by roughly 9 percentage points on average in the polls, one observer told The Hill, “I have no doubt Hillary will start by reminding people of his name and the fact that he has long been associated with Democrats.”

That point is supported by the fact that Clinton is a former First Lady, as she is also known. But it isn’t the only time Clinton might try to use Sanders’ name. In her book, “Hard Choices,” she writes, “I think that I’d better be prepared to make that mistake every time we face the prospect of winning the White House,” referring to a hypothetical 2016 race against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Sanders supporters have also expressed concern that his support could cause Clinton to become too reliant on big donors. According to the Wall Street Journal, a Sanders ally said on a conference call that in a general election campaign against Trump, the campaign would need to be funded in whole and in part from people like billionaires George Soros and Stephen A. Miller. The senator himself made similar concerns in an interview with Politico last year after

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