What are the three basic steps in editing? – Photo Editing Basics

The first stage in editing is to create a rough concept for a story. For example I had two distinct concepts in mind for a book, an adventure and a romance. A rough idea for the adventure was a series of missions that took place within a series of towns. This could be a series of quests for two parties and eventually even a full out war against the other forces (which should be the only reason for an adventure, which is how you get characters in games to be active).

A rough concept for the romance wasn’t so much about how a book unfolded, it was a set-up as to what the action would be like. For example, there could be a woman named Agnes who had lost her way and found herself in town. From her point of view, it was a small, quaint town of old homes. From a man’s point of view, it was a small town of old men and young warriors. How did they reconcile? What happened between that town and now? For the romance, the events of this chapter are what we would consider to be an important turning point – the character had a new relationship, or the romance happened. The next chapter, as the character’s relationship moves towards their next turning point, we may be focusing on how they get together (a kiss or a fist bump) rather than just how they did that or when that happened.

The next stage for us is to flesh out the characters. We don’t typically do this until we know who they are in the world as a whole and where the story arc is leading. Sometimes, once we’re happy with the structure of the world, we can get really close with the characters. It’s important to understand that, sometimes, characters will die or fade away, and we can work with the writers to keep the story moving and make decisions about when the character is going to die or why a situation happens. However, when the characters don’t die or fade away, some of our decisions will affect the way the character gets told later in the book.

Finally, we know what the outcome of each step would be when we actually get to the end. This is important because it keeps the character development moving along and keeps the world moving towards the same ending and doesn’t hinder too much.

For my example, if the adventure was to take place in a small, quaint town and lead into a war with the other forces at the end, I would need to think about how the characters interacted with each

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