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What do we need to do to make our video? I thought that my editing process didn’t involve those steps.

So it’s clear that we need to fix something. So how do we do that? We will cover the various steps required for editing on this post in the following sections.

1. Understand What We’ll Do In Editing

We should understand what we’re doing. We’re editing our videos. A lot. Many things and we’ll cover them in this article.

A lot of information in general. You need to know what is a video and how to edit in order to understand what you should do.

1.1 What Are Videos?

A video is a recording or live action of anything happening at any time. This includes things like moving objects on a screen, people talking, and so on.

It could also mean that you recorded someone else doing something and later edit it.

Why do we need to understand that part?

There are several common uses of videos (or recordings of things happening).

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In a typical video, we want something happening, like a person talking as a character on the screen; moving something on a screen, such as a camera angle, and so on.

We sometimes do this because we want to capture a specific action that we want to convey to our viewers.

One such situation is when the camera needs to capture something with the focus on someone. But the rest of the scene, such as the action in the background, is a blur. We might like to add the focal point, such as a specific person, in order to capture that aspect of the scene.

This is a common usage.

We frequently want to capture the audience’s attention so it can respond to an action. This is a very popular use because people enjoy watching actors perform actions.

It’s easy to see how there’s a need for this. But sometimes, what we want is to capture some sort of movement. Sometimes we want this movement to appear as a whole. Other times, it’s more just to capture a specific action.

Now you’ll likely understand that this is a very important use case if you have an audio or audio/video system. The reason is because you want the same effect in those systems. We need the same effect in all kinds of content (including video).

2. Understanding Which Components Have A Role In Creating Video

In order to fully understand what

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