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Editing does not necessarily mean editing a sequence. Editing requires a lot of collaboration, so you can edit a sequence that you edit with someone else if it’s a short film or short video from YouTube.

For example, I was editing this episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I went to Lucasfilm and told them I liked the story, but I didn’t like the direction. And I wasn’t sure how to get into the story — it was a short documentary and short videos. They gave me some ideas and let me continue, and the last time I spoke with them, they told me that I could edit anything with another person. So if I’m editing a video or a short movie, this is the stage you can go and edit together. Then in my next stage of editing, I can talk with another person about the story.

If your director, editor, or even the writer wants to take a big part of the experience, you can edit them during the editing process. For example, on the first episode.

[The Clone Wars Episode 1] had some problems. We started out and I was like, ‘What are we going to do about this?” And then they gave me some good suggestions and I was like, ‘Alright! Let’s do this!’ And it was super fun! That was very collaborative and really cool. I love the experience. The director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was also a big fan of the show as well, so he was able to get back and help out with some of the production. But the best is that when you have a story that needs to be edited, there are always more people that love it or are interested in it. They were able to take some of the problems that we had from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and make edits. And then we could all work together to make the episode better. So that was the first example of people working together and that was a really cool thing to see happen.

We also get a couple of other types of editing. The first step is to have the script done, which is called “Scripting.” Once you’ve done the script, it’s time to look at it with all the notes. Then we have storyboarding. Storyboarding is a great way to start putting the movie together and get everyone on the same page and have the flow.

After the director’s notes are done, then each storyboard will come in and you will have that person talk about

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