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The two main editing techniques are:

Fade/Rotate : Most commonly we will use f/15 or f/16.

: Most commonly we will use f/15 or f/16. Fill : This allows the subject layer to be in focus using the camera’s exposure compensation.

All three editing techniques do different things to add a natural level of realism.


You need to make sure you have good sharpness before doing any of these. I typically use a lens with at least a f/21 or f/22. I also have a f/22 in a Nikon D5 or D7 and I find that the sharper the more I want it to be sharp. I use the f/14 and f/16 at max, if for some reason I want to make these filters slightly more subtle I just fudge them down some.

Here is a simple example of a filter.

I usually go with a filter of the minimum focal length:

For the most natural looking result you will probably want to use a higher focal length and longer focal length, but there are some filters that can be used for both. This can work for example when I shoot landscape with something like a 70-200mm. For me, f/14 for the fisheye is better than any filter like f/30 because it gives you a wide angle and it is nice and big.

The downside to using larger lenses like this is that they tend to blur your subject area, but for a good quality look I think that is a good trade-off. Also note that any kind of wide angle or long focal length lens will have a soft edge.

There are a few ways to use this filter that can make the overall look more realistic which include, f/11, f/16, f/22, and f/32. For more on f/16 check out our article. For example, here it is with a 60mm lens and f/16 lens.


This technique is much similar to fade/rotate, except instead of making the focal length change we are actually changing the focal length of the image.

With fill we can apply the filter for a nice subtle look or change the overall look so much that you really can’t tell which filter has been used. I usually go for something like a 15-35mm f/1.8 filter that I get for about

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