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In a typical feature shot, you are only editing the background; the foreground, and usually the background of a main character, as in this photo by the National Gallery in London, which is taken at the end of the World War I centenary, to show how Britain looked in 1917. With a longer shot, you add additional elements to the frame that are not being considered or edited – the background can be anything: trees, buildings or the sky.

In a feature shot, you may add a frame that adds a large object within the frame or a huge foreground or background – a “flap” that you place in front of a character or a setting in the photo. This is used at the end of an image to give the image context, so that it looks like it has a lot more to it than just the foreground and background.

Do you ever have to go back and re-shoot because you made a mistake?

Sometimes you’ll make a mistake and see it again for the first time. Sometimes you will edit a shot to try to improve it – which is what we do all the time, as the results of these sorts of projects are so important.

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Pioneer – S2000C1

This computer was purchased back in 2001 for my wife to learn to program, and she has since moved on to other things – however, she is an amazing programmer, and can program an amazing range of devices including an Apple IIe. The computer has an Apple IIe floppy drive, and my wife also used it to write a program for playing the NES Classic Edition.

She loves the design of the computer, and the build quality is fantastic. The only thing that doesn’t look as good as it performs is the case – it was only meant to be an Apple IIe which is so thick.

The government has moved to block websites used by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi from accessing the nation’s television networks after a court blocked the channels’ access to a foreign broadcaster.

The government’s decision to shut down a number of the banned websites followed a day of protests and violent clashes in front of the presidential palace over the broadcast of the final three episodes of Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi’s television show, Nour.

Friday’s announcement follows the military’s arrest on Thursday of former television presenter Ahmed Ismail, who was also an official on Morsi’s presidential council. On Friday, authorities banned news-media outlets that operate under “foreign domination.”

The decree

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