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I’ll start this section with a simple list that applies to almost every major application.


An editor is a tool that helps you edit (and sometimes revise) text.

An editor may or may not edit as it is run from a server.

I usually don’t bother using editors; I have very good control of the text on a website, I can edit or revise any changes I make to my document, but I am not concerned with a large amount of edits.
Editing online course

I don’t always use a text editor (although I have a few). I use a browser such as Chrome or Firefox that saves and loads the text of my webpage. When I need something edited, I search for it in Google and then download it to my local hard drive.

If I use an editor, I am typically using a text editor that provides syntax highlighting in order to highlight the text of my HTML. When I need something edited, I then open that text file and add my edit in order to highlight only the syntax required.

For more information on syntax highlighting see How to use Syntax highlighting.

Word processor

A word processor is a program that allows you to change text into text, edit text, and then copy/paste this text into another document.

Word processors are often called “word processors,” but they don’t really mean those things. They really refer to programs that are meant to be used from the web.

Word processors do not usually edit text, they do not save and load text or copy it into another application, and most importantly they are often referred to as programs that require an internet connection to operate.

What are the biggest differences between using word processors to edit or revise text and using them to create text?

The biggest difference is that most word processors do not have the ability to generate text. Many of them won’t even generate pages that can be displayed in a web browser.

To generate text, a word processor will ask you to input a text, place a few lines of text under the cursor with the right alignment, and then generate a block of text.

For example, to generate a block of text, we would enter this text.

Please enter the text at the bottom of the page.

This text would need to be edited by the user before it would be displayed in a browser window. Usually there is a window for the person to enter their text, and then a block

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