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Wipes them from the database.

Wipe an entire picture.

Wipe an entire image block.

Delete a picture.

What does it do?

Deletes all the content in the image.

Will the information for every image that is in a picture or album be wiped?

No, that information is encrypted, otherwise these images are private.

What is it?

It’s a program that makes music playing on your PC or laptop look like a game, using a 3D engine based on Unity. It supports different hardware and is meant to be used as a demo for people that want to make games and experience what they’re doing with music.

How does it work?

It’s a collection of scripts that take a list of sounds and convert them into 3D music in Unity. Sounds that sound good and music that looks good are made up of the same files, you just don’t have the same audio and it looks like they don’t fit together, the idea being that it will look great on one machine and play fine on another as music. It takes in sound files and uses those file formats as the input to the engine.

When sound is recorded in the same order as it sounds to be played, it sounds better than if different sounds or different sounds are added. A music player will be able to understand and play the difference between a music played using different sounds.

Here is a video explaining how it works.

What’s on the roadmap?

Right now it’s just a prototype. It’s designed to see how it works, but no release is planned at the moment (because of a lack of interest). However, I have a few plans to make it work and the only one that will get released is in the form of a demo.

As I watched him, I couldn’t help but feel like a criminal, because I could see that he had his whole life’s worth of memories, memories that had been destroyed and erased by some force.

When I looked at him again, I felt sick.

That bastard! I had felt bad about that, but, it was already too late. Those memories had already been erased, all of them!

And, that bastard wasn’t even the same that had been in the academy, so even if he remembered his name, he wasn’t him.

The truth is, what I did before was an accident

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