Is VSCO Cam free?

As the new name states, VSCO Cam allows both the front and rear cameras to be integrated on a single unit allowing a user to switch between the front and rear cameras at any time. The system also offers a live streaming feature that allows you to quickly change cameras without needing to restart the VSCO Cam app.

We look forward to the VSCO Cam launch!

How is the VSCO Cam compatible with the GoPro Hero3 Black, Hero3 Silver and Hero3 Black Edition?

The VSCO Cam utilizes any compatible HERO3 camera for video. There will be two sets of video modes available; Full HD and HD. At the time of release, no 1080p or 4K cameras will be available, however a 4K camera will be developed based on your comments.

“It’s too good not to do,” the actor reportedly tells THR

Will Smith will play the titular character in the fifth installment of the Mortal Kombat franchise, sources tell THR.

Sources have confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the former “Fast & Furious” star will take on the role.

Smith, 52, is represented by ICM Partners.

The character of Kano (who first appeared in 1993’s “Mortal Kombat,” then in 1998’s “Tekken”), has a long history with Marvel Comics. In 1992, Marvel Comics took a creative leap and reimagined Kano as an Asian superhero named The Sub-Mariner.

Smith has portrayed Kano in five film projects since the original game. He also starred under the name James Arness in the 2012 horror movie “The Conjuring 2.”

In 2014, Smith starred as one of Marvel’s first male-led characters, a.k.a. The Punisher, in “Marvel’s The Punisher.”

The fifth installment of the series has not been set.

The source also says Smith recently expressed interest in a possible project with Sylvester Stallone, currently filming the blockbuster “Furious 7.”

SINGAPORE – A man has received 20 lashes after assaulting his partner’s brother, Singapore’s Straits Times reported on Thursday (Jan 20).

The incident was reported at about 10am last Saturday (Jan 19) in the area of Fong Chia Wan Street.

The man, 31, had been arguing with his 31-year-old partner’s brother, a resident of the same floor.

He got