Is there anything like Photoshop but free? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Bangla

That’s a good question, unfortunately no, and even more importantly there is no free app for that. While there are a number of free (and even paid) apps for Photoshop (check out this list), and there are some cool apps, there is not exactly anything like Photoshop in the App Store that costs anything.

Free is fine

Some apps, though free on the App Store, do come bundled with some paid app extras. For example, some iPhone and iPad apps use photo editing tools as part of their revenue stream, which I have experienced firsthand. Others allow you to upload an image, choose your image, and then use your photos to make cool wallpapers, t-shirts, posters, or other marketing materials.

I have been very impressed by some of the apps I have used for free, even if I am not entirely certain that I would pay for their in-app extras.

A few apps, though not free, are very decent.

These were the most useful of the free/paid apps I used on my iPad, though there are some, like Instastore and Applebee’s, that are far superior to this list (I’d even put Instastore just behind Instagram, though you can find great pictures of cute cats, too).

My personal favorites include PhotoDroid, Gfycat, Picasa, PhotoCMS, Instagram, and Paper.

While the free stuff is nice to have, they aren’t really needed, or really really worth anything.

Here’s the free stuff I would recommend.

Free: iPhoto

iPhoto is the simplest and easiest way to store your files, pictures, music, apps, and even your contacts. This is especially useful for iOS and Mac users that are used to using the Mac version of iPhoto.

iPhoto gives you the ability to download your photos and the app automatically backups to an online service if it crashes. It is easy to download photos to your computer if you want to use them there; the process is almost instant.

iPhoto is free to use with your iPad.

iPhoto is a free App by Apple, or you can go to the Apple website and buy it, which can be done in the “Software License” section, where you can get a $10 discount when registering with one of the affiliate stores that Apple has listed.

iPhoto is a paid app for iPhone and iPad, and it costs $29

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