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There is.

There is an app called Lightroom.

That app will get you ready for your journey into the world of image processing. It takes a pretty hefty amount of editing before it will yield the results that you would want.

But if you know how to use Lightroom and how to save files on your phone, it will make your journey from Photoshop novice to Photoshop pro much easier.

The app does not, however, actually allow you to manipulate color and contrast, nor let you resize images. For you photo enthusiast, that may be enough and you have no need for any of the rest.

If you prefer Photoshop, the option you have is to use the free Adobe Camera Raw, which you’ll be able to download from the company’s website. Adobe Camera Raw is not as powerful or as versatile as Lightroom.

If you prefer Lightroom, use the Mac app of your choice. If you prefer Photoshop, the one you’ll be using can be found on the official Adobe website.

What about my photos?

Your photographs will not be protected by an Apple or Sony warranty. Your photos were created using photos purchased from Adobe’s website or from other sources. You need to be comfortable making your own copies of images.

Photography supplies

There is a whole online marketplace for photographs called Photoshelter. I recommend browsing through their images, and you are not likely to discover anything you don’t already own.

The quality of content that Photoshelter has is just better than anything out there today. It contains hundreds of thousands of free photos, so the competition is even stiffer. But for the price, you can’t go wrong.
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Once you’ve got some of your own images, you should do what I do. Buy the ones that best represent your style, and then sell those. It’s a quick way to keep yourself out of debt.

Now that you know how things work, you will want to look into Photoshop and other programs. To get started, head to the Adobe Store’s website. You can buy many of these applications for less than that price of Photoshop. Once you’ve tried a few of them, you’ll not only be able to find what you need, but you’ll be able to afford the rest.

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