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This question has been asked a million times when it comes to Photoshop. In this post I’ll break it down into steps to make something really simple that will save the day when you need it.

Note that this method is meant for non-profit organizations (if you’d like for something like Propose to be free then do that).

1. Open Photoshop, find “Export Image” and select “Saved as”

2. Select “Save As” and give it the name of the file you want to save. This file name is typically an XML file.

3. Click “OK”

4. Close Photoshop and open up any other .xip file if you can.

5. Open up your .xip file in notepad (notepad++ is great for making a lot of these changes).

6. Find the first line in the file titled “ is an empty string” and double-click it. Save the changes to your .xip file. Now in the same file, find “Name is an empty string”. Double click it to rename it.

7. Save the changes to your .xip file. Finally, open up your .xip file in Notepad and search for the line with the blank.

8. Rename and save the changes.

9. Open up Propose at an acceptable size, but the file is small. Save it as a .jpg file to your computer. Make sure that you have an image processing program open for you.

10. Open up Notepad, select the .jpg file, then right-click inside. In Notepad, select “Show in Finder” and select the .jpg file. This will open up all of Propose’s icons inside the Finder. Right click, select “Show in Finder” and go back to Propose.

11. Open up Photoshop or any .sketch program and start editing, using the “Save” button. Be sure that the name of your image is the same as your .jpg image name.

12. Open up your .jpg file in Sipshini (i.e. Paint) and save your changes. Save your changes as a .jpg file to your computer. Be sure to double-check that the name of your file is the same as the .jpg. This file can easily be changed by opening it up with the same program and copying the name

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