Is there a Photoshop app? – Basic Photo Editing Lightroom

This is the most interesting part of this blog entry, but it’s more about the question than the answer. I love Photoshop for the amazing tools it provides so much of what you see and see so much of what you want in a visual design. Yes, I know there is a tool for those who don’t make it to Adobe. Yes, Photoshop can do all the amazing graphic design stuff I was talking about. Yes, I know there are tools that do an amazing job as well, and I have an app for you on the Play store! All you have to do is search for Photoshop and you will find a great option that does all the nice graphics and text work, while letting you edit the images directly.

Have you got a PSD ready, but don’t know how do you use it? I have created a very useful Photoshop tutorial here where I cover the basics.

How did you feel about the end of 2012?

Well the truth is I was quite content on finishing out many of the project cards I had started. It seems like all the projects where over in about a week or so and I was looking forward to seeing how many of my cards got over to the printers. I wasn’t expecting so many projects but I thought that it wouldn’t feel right to be sitting around waiting for everything to finish so I was relieved.

My first day as an illustrator did not go as I had expected it would: I was told that it would take 1-2 days to print. This proved false as I was expecting I would be in the midst of working from home so I was able to work from 10am to 8pm the next day. On the way home my son (who also happened to be a photographer) caught me in the shop, and I realized that I really had lost it because I had not been given enough time to get it all together. I am sure there are things that I could have done but the fact that I was told that by my boss and my son means that I had to do it. I had been in that sort of place before where I had not spent my time well and then I thought I needed to improve my skills and learn how to get things done quickly.

Well a little over two weeks later I had received over $8000 from three of my clients to complete a design portfolio of the portfolio. I was really happy with the quality that I had produced, and I had all the work turned in too. I spent just over

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