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No, there is a premium version, but you pay $199 (one of the highest I’ve seen for free in quite a while) for the pro version. If you go to Lightroom’s download page, you can find the free version there, but it looks like there are some minor visual issues.

How many files can I import from Lightroom?

The number depends on the image quality you have. If you have a very poor image quality, you may end up losing data.

Can I import images from other photo editing programs?

Yes, however, the import is a bit different. Some of the other programs will need to import their version of LSL, which makes sense because they are the ones who developed it. However, if the LSL program in question is designed to import other programs, it will have different processing tools to handle that, so it may or may not have a similar export option. Additionally, the files are not very portable, unless you have a computer with SSD or a fast SATA interface. So make sure you have a fast connection to your computer.

Is Lightroom open source?

Yes. To read more about Lightroom’s open source program status, check out this article on Lightroom’s Open Source Status.

Do I have a Lightroom Premium Membership?

Yes, you can get the professional LSL client and premium files from Lightroom Premium. There are a bunch of premium licenses here though.

Can I use LSL with a non-LSL program?

You can still use LSL with non-LSL software, but the LSL program will have a different setting and processing. You can read more about this in our blog post: How to Use Lightroom’s Lightroom Presets.

Do I have to run Lightroom with an external drive such as a USB stick?

If you’re importing large files, the drive will need to have at least 250 MB of free space on it, and it can’t be any larger than 20 GB.

Why do certain images appear black and white, even in the preview picture without any adjustment?

There are two things that can cause the black and white image in the preview picture:

There is a mismatch between the image file you imported and Lightroom’s image quality preset (or image format) The metadata for LSL is missing

This is an issue that will need an adjustment to your imported files to correct

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