Is Lightroom good for beginners? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Bangladesh Newspaper

Short Answer: Absolutely.

Longer Answer:

Photography is different. It is not like playing basketball or skiing. It is much more demanding than either of those activities. You have to think about the light during your exposure and then adjust your settings. The light also changes, so the same lighting you will have during your shots may not match your lights in post.

With these conditions, Lightroom might be too slow to get your shots right. In light of the above reasons, I can definitely understand why many beginners just give up and switch to Adobe Lightroom instead. However, if you’re one of those who thinks that learning Lightroom is a pain, then get yourself a copy today. I promise: the learning curve will be worth your while.

Note: I’m only covering basic functionality here. Check out our new Lightroom tutorial series, which will cover advanced functions such as cropping, adjusting histograms and more!

What should I do if I’m using Lightroom on my Android device?

Short Answer: Don’t. If you’re on a device with a built-in camera (like the LG G3), which supports RAW, then this is a no-brainer.

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Longer Answer:

As an iOS user, I can honestly state that Lightroom was the best camera app I had to use on my iPhone. I even managed to shoot some amazing videos using it. The problem is: I have no idea why Apple chose Lightroom at all. It has its pros and cons, but there has been no official explanation whatsoever.

After asking around, everyone I spoke with had similar experiences. The lack of any official explanation on how Lightroom came to be is extremely disappointing. If Apple had a proper explanation for the decision, then people would be switching to Adobe Lightroom instead.

So if you’re a iOS user and you’re looking to learn Lightroom, why not get a copy today? In my opinion, it’s worth the pain.

What should I use if I’m using Lightroom off my computer?

Short Answer: Your best bet is to keep Lightroom open on your computer, even if it doesn’t seem to have any data on it. Here is my list of recommended programs:

Google Photos

Adobe Lightroom Pro




If none of these are in your bag, I recommend you set up

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