Is Lightroom Classic going away?

Since the last time this happened to me was in March of 2014, it’s become clear to me that Lightroom Classic isn’t going anywhere. I think it has to do with both its own popularity as well as an evolving technology stack. We as a industry are still working out what we want to see in the future – and Lightroom Classic is a toolset piece. If I was a client looking to pick up a good toolset, Lightroom Classic wouldn’t be the first one that came to mind.

While I agree that Lightroom Classic’s time as the preferred way to use Lightroom for image professionals is short and probably will end, if you’re someone who loves Lightroom and love the workflow it presents, Lightroom has a ton of value for the photographer. There’s always more new features and tools coming down the pipeline.

Lightroom Classic is not the only option for a photographer in need of a high-end tool (or two)

There’s a ton of Lightroom Classic users and I don’t believe they will ever be the only ones who need a toolset, but for those who are looking for a toolset and want to take control of the workflow, I think Lightroom Classic is what you need. If you need some of Lightroom’s more advanced features – like Lightroom LUTs, LUT Fusion, 3D LUTs, etc – then you have options in Lightroom (more on this below). If you’re looking for Lightroom Classic as a standalone tool, then that’s a piece of cake for you.

The Best Lightroom Tips to Learn Lightroom Classic

How many times do you have to say? Lightroom Classic is the most important piece of Lightroom, so I would like to share some tips for new Lightroom users that want to get into the groove and maximize their workflow without sacrificing the feature set.

How to Install Lightroom Classic: To install the new version of Lightroom, go to the Help page on the Lightroom site – or if you are using the Mac App Store, check out the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Tip #1: Check Lightroom Classic Updates every night to make sure that it hasn’t got broken. Lightroom Classic has a built-in alert service to check whether the app and or the web sites are updated. The update service can be enabled by clicking on Settings > Update > Check For Updates

Tip #2: Check Lightroom Classic updates to be