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There are a few gimp users who claim that gimp is not as good as Photoshop. As of May, 2017, more than 500 ratings (as in “ratings as in 1,000”) were provided for gimp, and there was one rating that stated that gimp is “like Photoshop only better” (this is not a valid description, because gimp is much better than Photoshop). There are several reasons the gimp is considered better, but the main reason is that in the words of gimp users, gimp is “fast”, “easy to use”, “easy to learn” and “much more customizable”.

gimp is not free. At the time of this writing (May, 2017), the version for Mac is free with a paid trial. The free version can also be purchased in the mac store from the following url:

gimp users like the free version. According to comments here on Reddit there has been no interest in paying for gimp at all in the past. They believe that the use of gimp at a higher level (say, “high resolution”) would eventually lead to a higher download and usage rate, but that it isn’t worth it at this time.

I can’t see myself using gimp any more (I never used gimp as an image manipulation tool, and have had my share of success with Photoshop before.)

I can see myself using gimp a lot sooner. For those of you who want to save up to 32 gigabytes of compressed file size, then you could use gimp (for your pictures) with just Photoshop (as a RAW converter and filter).

You can also buy gimp for $40 at the Apple store, where you can also download a free trial.

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