Is Darktable as good as Lightroom?

Yes to both of these

Yes to both of these Yes to both of these Yes to both of these

No, I’m not sure at all
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Does the product perform equally well on the same or different camera?

Yes to both of these

Yes to both of these Yes to both of these

Yes to both of these

Yes to both of these Yes to both of these

Yes, I’d like to try it out

No, I don’t recommend it

Where would I recommend Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to shoot?

On mobile

On desktop

On the road

Off road

What are some good things about Lightroom that I’d love to see improved?

Lightroom would be even better if there was a way to export an image with less noise and better color accuracy without going through the “Pro” menus. I also would like to see it do better with RAW vs JPEG files. I’ve been using Lightroom exclusively as a raw editor on Mac systems for about 6 months (a week each month) and have noticed that for most of the time, I’ve been doing most of the Lightroom editing on the same machine so it should be possible to do Lightroom on a Mac without any significant changes to the workflow from a raw editing perspective.

On an average day, what do you use Lightroom for?

As an all-in-one photographer, I use it for the same things I do in Lightroom:

Camera + lenses


Focal plane stitching


Trying to remember to take some shots on the bus

I haven’t done much in this area in the past year so I really enjoy using Lightroom to combine all of this. I also use it when I have something to work on in Lightroom. A lot of my work in Lightroom is related to my professional photography and in that sense Lightroom might be the best place to keep all of my photos.

Does Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom help or hinder your workflow in any way?

It’s my opinion, no, not really, but it’s one of the things I really enjoy about Photoshop on a Mac (there is no other software, aside from Photoshop, that lets you combine your computer and mobile device into a single machine). So I don’t know. I wouldn’t say that Lightroom makes a big difference to my overall