How do you sharpen an image on Photoshop?

Step 1. Find an image on your computer that has been modified by a particular type of image enhancement software. (You could scan it, open it up in Photoshop using an image magnifier, or take a screen shot. Or you could just get a digital photo of the image, and then try to sharpen it using a computer tool. But it’s probably easier to scan the image of your image yourself. You’ll use your scanning software to scan the image and see if there’s anything that could be sharpened. I usually keep an image of my picture, and scan the image of the original. This will probably result in some blurry photos).

Step 2. Take a piece of light-colored paper and write down the focal length and radius of your focal point on each corner of those two paper marks. If the paper marks were square, then your focal distance would be 3 cm; if they were rounded, then your focal distance would be 2 cm; and so on. If the paper marks were in a grid, then each piece of paper must be aligned with the center grid line, and that line must be equal to the focal length of the image you wanted to sharpen, 2 cm (2 cm = 3.14 cm). In addition, if one of those paper marks is not square, write a square to represent each corner of your desired focal point.

If you’re looking at a photograph, or it’s a drawing, or it’s something that was drawn on a piece of paper, you don’t necessarily have to be able to visualize your image being enlarged. You could do it, but it’s better to just do it.
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Step 3. On one set of paper, or set of paper, on your computer, draw your focal point. (Usually, you’ll do one paper and one set.) At the bottom of the image, make a circle, or a line on paper, just below your focal point. (Usually, this would look something like this: circle = 3 cm). The other side of that circle should be your target focal point. (This will help, for the purpose of the tutorial, to find the image focal point.)

Step 4. At the very top of that square of light-colored paper, using a sharp pen, make a little square with your target focal point.

STEP 5. Keep drawing, starting from the center, and going diagonally. Eventually, you’ll end up with something with 1/3 inch diameter (