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This is what happens when these guys try to fix their hair on a woman:

This is what happens when these guys try to fix their hair on a woman: — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) August 16, 2016

This man is so happy to be rid of it but it’s just a mask like this and he really needs to grow out his beard:



It’s like this woman is trying to give him a hug and his fingers are trying to pry his hair from her face so, you know, that is kind of cool.

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you think this is what you’ve been avoiding and can’t get out of your head. It’s hard to believe what they will come up with on the spot if it isn’t done on purpose, and then they’ll never stop, ever, and it’s hilarious.

I’m totally cool with that.

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The University of Miami women’s soccer team played a preseason practice Wednesday and did not receive much positive feedback from their coaches or fans outside the team’s facility.

The Hurricanes went on the road at the University of Washington. They trailed, 1-0, on an unassisted goal by Taylor Teagarden with 5:31 remaining with the team sitting three goals ahead in the second half.

“When it comes to me being comfortable in a place where I do not know the people, I feel isolated,” goalkeeper Sarah Dzierkos said. “The atmosphere and the stadium was really big on me this morning and being able to go to the field just to see and feel how our team, both the starting lineup and how they train and everything together for our team in these past few weeks has been a big thing for me to feel comfortable.”

After the second goal, UM players and fans had to take to twitter to express their opinion of the first half of play.

We need some more shots!!! #HurricanesAFC @UW_Sisters — Coral Gables Football (@CoralGablesFC) September 20

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