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Edit in Raw.

If you use Photoshop or Lightroom, then you pretty much know what’s going on.

If not, then a lot of us probably don’t. And even if we do, it’s time-consuming.

How to do it in Excel? Edit in Raw.

And to be fair, Excel doesn’t offer much, but as you’ll see in today’s guide, it does offer some useful options which can save you some time and frustration.

Using the Raw Conversion Tool

Here’s the workflow for running a Raw conversion from Excel into Microsoft Office 2013:

Add file to document (File > New > File, then ‘Raw, Export To’)

(File > New > File, then ‘Raw, Export To’) Select the filename (File > Import > Import… from a CSV File)

(File > Import > Import… from a CSV File) Select Destination

From here, you can go anywhere in your document and change the formatting as many times as you like. That’s how the Excel Raw Converter app (for Mac & Windows) works.

The tool is available through the Mac App Store through an update and on the Windows Store (via the Windows Store app) via the Store tab.

Step-by-step Excel and Lightroom Raw Conversion Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through:

Import the data into your Excel worksheet.

Enter data into Excel’s Formatting menu.
Basic Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop | Basic photo ...

Set the color and font.

Save your work.

If you’re using PowerPoint, download here the PowerPoint Raw Conversion tutorial.

Step 1: Import the data

Importing pictures and images from an external file into Excel isn’t that difficult and requires you to either:

Download the file directly from the website or from one of the links in my post about importing pictures and images from an external file into Microsoft Excel.

Download the data.

I do recommend you import the data directly from the website to avoid any potential data loss. This doesn’t apply if the pictures/images on the website/in the link are images you’ve ripped and imported.

The data you enter in Excel is already in the Open Document mode. That is, it’s not formatted as a workbook or as HTML.

Step 2: Enter the data

Insert the data, right-click and select Format.

If the data has

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