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The last couple years, as I began to research the impact of video-game violence on the developing child, an obvious question arose: How big is the problem?

In the vast majority of cases, video games—even as the focus of popular culture and the prime subject of popular culture’s most compelling and memorable stories, games, like most media, can be difficult to measure. One widely quoted statistic puts the number of violent experiences for children at 25% of total time spent on games, and research into violence in games has been hampered by the absence of any comparable studies aimed at measuring “video-game” violence.
Midnight - Corel Discovery Center

The most recent statistics, conducted last year by researchers at the University of Toronto, are much more troubling. Researchers there looked at the relationship between video game play and aggression in preschoolers, and found that kids who play violent games are four times as likely to exhibit aggressive behavior as are kids

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