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We have an open editorial process, and we’ve published thousands of articles. We want to be able to work with you to get an article up as fast as you need it. So here are some options!

First, check out “how to post” as it shows you how to make an editorial announcement online. I suggest that you do this before posting your article as I get questions about when my own article is actually up.

If you have trouble getting a article up online then you can submit it via RSS or email as follows:

Submit an article via RSS/Email

Use your Google account and subscribe to RSS feeds, and when you’re ready to publish your article, you can just copy and paste it into the appropriate author’s details.

Post a short statement on your blog as to why the article should appear in the next issue before you begin:

I hope you read the announcement and I think it is really exciting to see an open and respectful relationship between the team at R.A.W. and authors. Your article should get picked up by other major publications such as Wired and Gigaom where we hope a big portion of your readership will be. Your article will be published in the next issue by no later than the 12th June 2017.

Do you need more help or guidance?

Email us: [email protected]

We can’t promise how soon we’ll publish a piece of work, so we suggest that you give us a few extra weeks to help you if it’s a high impact piece of work that you think will add an extra spark of creativity to our papers.

Our goal is to publish our papers within 8 weeks.

The New York Times, a major newspaper in the US and Europe, on March 26 published an article revealing that Apple has been secretly acquiring companies “furnishing components for devices that would be used to make iDevices.” This was first reported by the tech site MacRumors a few days ago. When we reached out to Apple for a comment on the report and received none at the time of publication, this report was posted by Bloomberg Businessweek. The Financial Times’ sister publication, the Sunday Times, also ran a similar story and confirmed it.

Why does Apple use companies this way? Apple has been known to acquire companies that offer various parts for their devices. This includes components that we use everyday for phones, laptops and tablets. For instance, the iPhone is built

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