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This will be a problem in an article where the author is going to be interacting with the reader via a text editor. The author and editor need to decide which of the following options are appropriate: a) use the standard editor, b) use an editor you have developed and tested yourself, c) use a text program called TextEdit in a particular way, or d) use the TextEdit with some additional configuration settings.

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The most common approach is to use a text editor with the standard options of text size, bold/italic, indent/tab, line breaking, comment and indent-line, syntax highlighting, etc (e.g. TextEdit for GNU Emacs). The text editor should be capable of handling the syntax definitions you provide, even if the author’s editing style varies widely. This article describes the use of an old text editor for an older technology, and also hints at the best techniques to use in any instance, particularly for editing large amounts of text. For example, it is useful to have an editor that has syntax highlighting, comments, etc, along with the ability to do line breaking and other options. The author may wish to save the most significant bits as HTML files. For the most part, though, these settings are simply user-settable. This article describes how to deal with a text editing problem, rather than just say what kind of editor is right for you.

Some additional steps

The author may wish to take additional steps to make editing more comfortable, such as using a GUI text editor. Such an editor should be capable of handling a lot of editing styles. It’s also desirable, if possible, for the author to take some additional steps to minimize their stress in developing the text editor.

These additional steps are described in greater detail in later chapters, and there are at least two other important options to consider:

Whether you want your editor to be compatible with a different programming language, such as Scheme, Perl, Java, C# .NET, or similar, or whether you want your editor to be interoperable with other text editors that are commonly used. This involves determining a good mix of styles in a piece of code to produce a reasonable look and feel for reading. For example, in HTML and other text editing environments, if you use any non-breaking-space characters, you may want to consider using tabular output rather than text-output-styles or output that may have text formatting such as bold.

or that may have text formatting

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