Does Windows 10 come with photo editor?

Nope, a lot of us have never heard of Photo Explorer that’s supposed to let you add, edit, and resize photos.

What do your colleagues say about you when you go to work? Do they feel like you are there to help or is their admiration all about you?

While it’s hard to tell, one man’s advice can help others see the best in themselves.

Meet Peter Dickson from Sydney, Australia.

Peter is an IT Consultant and has been an influential speaker at conferences and workshops for about 15 years. He works to help others achieve their potential, both professionally and personally.

You may have seen Peter’s speech at a Melbourne conference in 2011 where he spoke about his insights into what makes for a good career. Peter’s advice was to be open and honest about yourself and others and that the truth about yourself should never get in the way of creating your own success. Not only that, be flexible and keep a balance when it comes to life events.

The advice here is just as important to help you make the right decisions and have a great career.

What he says to those who need to know more on how to make the most of their own career path.

What do we mean when we say we need to “see the world differently” from others?

If you can’t see the world differently why can’t others?

If you see people who think like most of us you probably don’t see a huge amount of individuality that could mean different life outcomes.

What people don’t realize is that everyone is human.

You see people who look like you on the street every day. How much can you change that?

People who look like you on the street usually don’t have the same life outcomes whether they are trying to work hard at it or take a break from work and enjoy themselves. Even if your life is happy now, you won’t have the same success in life after a year.

You see people who have a great job but have some issues with that job that hinder that work life balance. How much can you change that? How much can you improve your life after you retire, if you don’t change the issues?

People who look like you in every aspect are more like you than people who are more different in the way they walk the path. Everyone has something that they like in life.

You may hear that there’s a place out there for YOU but many of